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Welcome To Tong Yuan
Welcome To Tong Yuan
Tong Yuan Packaging Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 and has continued developing and expanding. We specialize in high quality gravure printing and conversion of flexible plastic packaging materials including: BOPP, Matt BOPP, PET, VMPET, CPP, VMCPP, Retort CPP, Nylon, Aluminium foil, etc…, from single layer to multi-layer by adhesive lamination or extrusion, suitable for the packing of a diverse range of products.

Of the many kinds of packaging formats we produce, a major percentage is used within the food industry for: biscuit, candy, snack, instant noodle, tea, coffee, soft drink, nut, fresh meat, frozen meat and sea food product, etc…

In addition, we also produce packaging for agricultural product, shampoo, detergent, cosmetic, pesticide and many others. The printed and converted materials are delivered in reel form or bag form (such as: flat bottom bag, three-side seal bag, centre seal bag, gusset bag, standing pouch with or without zipper, vacuum pouch, retort pouch, sachet, four-corner square bag, ...) depending on the requirements of customers.

With the support of Taiwan technology, management and quality control systems, our site is modernly equipped with high-tech gravure printing capabilities, extrusion, dry lamination, slitting, bag making, etc... More recent equipment has included innovative machineries from Japan. This continued investment has allowed us to produce high quality packaging serving various industries in Viet Nam and to rapidly expand into oversea markets like U. K., Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, etc...

The best quality control and management systems have enabled us to achieve 
certificates: ISO9001:2008, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO22000:2005 and BRC issue 5. We remain committed to renewal of equipment and the continued improvement of product quality. With the expertise of over fifty years in this packaging field by our mother company and with the technical support of worldwide and market leading suppliers of raw materials, our best quality packaging and services have boosted the confidence of customers.

We welcome any packaging related enquiries or technical challenges and look forward to serving and fulfilling your packaging needs.

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Latest Innovative Flat Bottom Bag Making Machine From Totani (Japan)

BRC Issue 6 Certificate

ISO22000:2018 Certificate

ISO14001:2015 Certificate


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Flat Bottom Bag
Flat bottom bag is ...
Easy Peel Film
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Implementing the latest flat bottom bag making machine from September, 2013 25/11/2013
Tong Yuan focuses on investing new equipment every year. Understanding the trend of using flat bottom bag (the newest bag format) in developed countries, we have invested and implemented the latest flat bottom bag making machine from Totani (Japan) in September, 2013.
Announcement 04/01/2014